Find More Jesus… Book Review

Find More Jesus, by Katie Orr. Follow link on right side bar for purchasing information.

I recently received a free copy of a precious little guide that walks you through teaching your little ones that Easter is all about Jesus.  I enjoyed it so much, I thought I’d share it with you.  Find More Jesus by Katie Orr is a one week guide that leads you and your little ones through daily discussions and simple activities.

Don’t have little ones? You can also do this with grandkids or a Sunday School group. (And with just a little creativity her activity ideas are adaptable to an older audience.)  Her book leads you in a way that provokes deep thought and discussion among the mature believers in your household while teaching the little ones in a way they can understand.  I enjoyed her little book so much I wrote a review for Amazon and also became an affiliate… If you purchase her book by using my blog link (on the right sidebar or bottom on a mobile device), I get a (tiny) proceed.  That’s pretty cool, but it’s not why I’m sharing it with you.  🙂


I’m sharing it because Jesus is the center of all things, and His resurrection is what the Easter celebration is all about.  And teaching our little ones this is so very crucial!


“And he is before all things, and by him all things consist.”  Col 1:17 (KJV)

“But Christ is all, and in all.”  Col 3:11b (KJV)

“Why do you seek the living One among the dead?” Luke 24:5 (NASB)

“He is not here! For He has been resurrected, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.”  Matt 28:6 (HCSB)

This very inexpensive little ebook is excellent for preschoolers and younger elementary aged children, and according to the introduction this was precisely the audience for which the author intended this guide. That said, Katie Orr hopes the book will serve as a way to spark ideas within your own family on how to find more Jesus in Easter, regardless of age.  I believe she achieves just that. As I mentioned before, the book is very adaptable to an older audience and focuses on ageless topics like sin, our need for a Savior, the sacrifice Jesus gave, and His resurrection in a way that touches mature hearts and yet remains understandable for even the youngest of children.

Mrs. Orr’s book includes a short introduction by the author as to why she wrote the book, a quick “How to Use” section, a supplies list (all supplies are very basic), and then moves right into the eight day guide. Each day will include a Bible reading (either from the children’s Bible she recommends, or directly from God’s Word — Scripture references are given), a thought provoking and discussion starting “Personal Focus”, and then a simple activity that poignantly points hearts right to Jesus and the true meaning of Easter.

God bless you richly as you prepare your hearts, and your children’t hearts, for Easter Sunday and as you celebrate His resurrection every day!



2 thoughts on “Find More Jesus… Book Review

  1. Thank you, Ali, for recommending this book! I forget that Easter can be as confusing as Christmas is, with all the various ways it is presented. God bless you and yours this Easter and always!

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