The Soar and Fall of a Kite

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I love to fly kites.

I had actually forgotten how much I love to fly them until once, several years ago, when my parents bought a kite for each of my daughters.  We had a windy day one afternoon and so we took full advantage of it.  Outside we went with the kites and 200 feet of string.  I gave my daughters lessons, one after another.  I taught them how to hold the kites high above their heads while I stood some feet away from them and pulled the string taut.  I instructed each to wait until they felt the wind blow strongly on their face and then let the kite go free while I tugged the line.  The kite soared high in the strong breeze.    I showed them how to pull the string to the left or right to make the kite dive in that direction.  I demonstrated how to pull the line when the breeze lightened and loosen the line when the gust was stronger.  I taught them to keep clear of treetops, power lines, and the rooftop.  Once my daughters took over the flying, I inadvertently presented a lesson in getting the kite free of the tree branches and showed them how to lift the kite string (that had flown clear over the house) so that the wind would cause the kite to take flight again.  Then, it would fly back over the house and lessen our workload!

Are you bored yet?  Yes, they lost interest too.

Apparently, I was the only one  impressed.

My daughters, despite my “excellent” instruction,  quickly lost interest in flying the kites.  In my zeal and love for the sport I had somehow taken the mystery out of the game, I suppose, and robbed the experience of all its fun.  But, still somewhat enthusiastic, I was left to myself flying a Care Bear kite in my backyard.  My husband came and watched me for quite a while, really just enjoying a peaceful, quiet afternoon, and I continued to try to impress him with my skill.  Silly, isn’t it?  He jokingly (maybe sarcastically?) made note of how evident it was that I loved flying the kite.

I must have looked about the right age at that moment to be flying a Care Bear kite for all my youthful enjoyment.

But I began to think about things, as I looked up at the kite that was now struggling a bit in the breeze.  The wind had picked up and it took effort for me to keep the kite flying.  I realized, with a loud chuckle, that I was pretty good at flying the kite… as long as God supplied the wind!!  Just a minute after I had made that conclusion and laughed aloud  the wind completely died and my kite came down.  I laughed again.

I love it when God does things like that!

I must have enjoyed that as much as flying the kite. It was an awesome joke on me! I guess somewhere along the way, I fooled myself into thinking that my skill was what made that kite fly!  But, all of my skill and all of my line pulling and directing was to no avail when there was no wind.

Greatly humbled, I brought the kite in and wound up the string.  What a lesson for me!

I can have all the knowledge, skill, or talent at a given task, but without God’s permission, direction, and His support holding me up then all of my efforts will be in vain.  And, not only does my precious Lord direct my when I’m soaring high, He also lifts me when I am low.  He is in control, and rightly, thankfully so!  It is for God to provide the means and set the boundaries, and then for me to obediently do what He wills, and humbly.  When I try to go against Him, step outside the lines, or do things on my own, failure is the end  result.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for gently reminding me that you provide all the support I need for my flying and obedient walk, and that there is no true spiritual soaring other than that which you allow.  Will you help me to always stay within your boundaries?  Thank you also for lifting me and helping me rise when I’ve fallen low.  May all the glory be to you, Precious Lord.  Amen.

  “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” (Zec 4:6b, KJV)

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Prov 19:21, ESV)

   How has He reminded you that He is in control?



2 thoughts on “The Soar and Fall of a Kite

  1. Ali, I just loved this and it brought back our own kite flying days! I was not so skilled though .. could’ve used your help! 🙂 And I love how He gives us lessons. Here, my hubby has been laid off and although he filed for unemployment, we never received any indication that he had been sent a check at all, over the last month. We were scrambling and scrimping and scraping to pay bills and get groceries. Today , the checking acct. statement came and I was praying that nothing had bounced and that there was still a small amount in there, like I thought. I looked and looked again. The unemployment checks had come, but had been directly deposited without any notification to us! haha! God had us covered all along!
    Thank you and God bless you!

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