Where Do I Stand?

We live in an ever shifting world that just can’t seem to sit still or calm its lust for change even for a moment.  And as the world changes, we’re expected to be able to keep up.  Sometimes life can leave us feeling confused and wondering where our place as Believers is amidst all the hectic changes going on around us.

One could throw both hands up in exasperation and ask, “Where do I stand?”

But, as Christians, we truly have much to be thankful for!  And one of the things we can thank our precious Lord for is that we know where we stand!  Yes, we’re in this world, but we’re not OF it!  So as the world and its views grotesquely contort into (and bow down toward) things unimaginable, we can be left certain of our footing.

We stand on the Rock!

Yes — on the Rock.  The concept brings to mind the children’s song about Jesus’ parable of the wise man who built his house on the rock.  The rains came tumbling down but the house on the Rock stood firm.  (Remember the tune?  Are you singing it yet??)

Island with a house By Tambako the Jaguar

This past week in the Glorious Grace study I’m doing with hello Mornings, I studied Ephesians 1:1-14.  And guess what these verses tell us as Believers?

They tell us where we stand!

This is an excellent section of Scripture to refer to for a concise explanation of God’s heart toward us… of Christ’s sacrifice given on our behalves to draw us near to God thereby making us holy and blameless.  He even seals us with the Holy Spirit to prove to the world that we are His adopted children.  (The Father may have had only one begotten Son, but nonetheless, as Believers we are also made His children and accepted right into His family.  He reached out and chose us because He loves us so much!)  And that seal of the Holy Spirit is like God’s own proof of purchase!  It’s proof that He is who He says He is and we are who He says we are!

So, where do I stand in this broken, messed up, rushing world that’s ever shifting its worthless foundation all across the loose, gritty sand?

I stand as holy and blameless before God in Christ.  (verse 4)

I stand as His child.  (Verse 5)

I stand accepted. (Verse 6)

I stand redeemed and forgiven. (Verse 7)

I stand united in Christ with all His other creations.  (Verse 10)

I stand to inherit something unimaginably awesome! (Verse 11)

I stand with the seal of the Holy Spirit to show that I’ve been purchased with the blood of Christ! (Verses 13,14)

Do you just need to read those words again and again?  Let them soak deep into your heart and your soul, dear Christian!  Soak up His amazing, sacrificial, intelligent love and let it mold you.  Let the truth sink in and remind you that because of Christ, you have a place right there with that wise man that built his house on the Rock.  And like the wise man, you need not fear a shoddy foundation or the most torrential of rains… because you are right there, firm on the Rock, too.

…Hopefully singing a sweet children’s song with joy in your heart and a smile on your face!

How does knowing where you stand encourage you today?


(This post is a part of a series entitled Glorious Grace Fridays:  On Fridays (all or some) I’ll be sharing what God’s laying on my heart through the Bible study Glorious Grace that I’m doing with the Hello Mornings ministry.  I’m linking up right here at the HelloMornings blog.)



2 thoughts on “Where Do I Stand?

  1. Knowing that I stand with God makes it possible to face every day. I know that no matter the travail or the trials, with His help, I can overcome. I can be strong, not because of who I am….but because of who HE is!

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