Rich Love

Dreamy Meringue Swirls by Madlyinlovewithlife

I remember, as a little girl, sitting in my grandmother’s farmhouse kitchen.

The table was heavy laden with homey, old-fashioned comfort foods.  I remember Mammaw’s kitchen always smelling earthy… probably because of the many foods she and my grandpa brought in from the garden.  But, it wasn’t the fresh green beans and corn that drew my hungry eyes… It was the collection of beautiful pies.  I must have been about two or three years old because I was still young enough to sit in the “super-chair” — what we kids dubbed the old, rusty, metal-legged, tray-less high chair, with it’s padless seat covered in vinyl print.

The pie I reached for looked so delicious.  My grandmother made an amazing meringue, and even though I was too little at that time to appreciate her talent, the beauty of its fluffy whiteness and the ice-cream-like swirled, oven browned peaks was too irresistible to leave alone.

So I reached and took some while the adults were busily preparing for dinner.

I don’t remember making a sound or a face, but I remember not liking that pie at all.  Matter of fact, I remember thinking the pie was disgusting and I wanted to spit it out!  I then remember an adult, my Aunt perhaps, rushing to me and calling over her shoulder to the others that I was fine—I had just tasted lemon meringue for the first time and it was much “too rich for a little girl.   Everyone laughed… but me.  Later that evening, I remember someone giving me a slice of chocolate pie instead.

Years and years later, I tasted another of her lemon meringue pies and absolutely loved it.  Incredibly rich, a little sour, and tangy… absolutely delicious!

The Connection to Grace

This week, in the Glorious Grace study I’m doing with Hello Mornings, the word “rich” kept jumping off the page at me.  And as it did, the story above crept forward from some dusty little corner of my memory.

God is rich.  So incredibly rich it overwhelms me.  It’s similar in some ways to the pie.  I never find God’s grace disgusting (quite the contrary, actually!!!), yet at times I am not ready to understand or experience it for all it is.  I need time to grow and mature a little so that I can appreciate it’s complexities on new levels.

It completely boggles my mind the things that God did for us when He sent His Son.  Yes, the basic message of salvation is so simple.  It’s so beautiful and sweet.  Like the meringue.  But, it’s when we dig down deeper into His Word, (or into the lemony part of the pie) that we have the opportunity to get the full flavor and richness of all there is to offer.

  • God is rich in mercy.   It is rich that we aren’t left dead in our sins.
  • God is rich in love.  It is rich that we are made alive in Christ.  It is richer still that we are raised up with Him, and seated alongside Him.

   …When the sinless One was resurrected, so was the sinner…

  • God is rich in grace.  He gifts us with undeserved salvation.  That’s shake-your-head-in-awe rich!
  • God is rich in kindness.  He chooses us, shortcomings and all, to show the world that people need a Savior.  We can rely on His rich, gentle kindness.

And what is one to do with all this rich love?

Experience it… savor it.  Grow in it and into it.  Obey it.  Bear fruit for it.  …This richness that leaves one awestruck and dumbfounded…  What on earth is this love that raises ME up with HIM?  It’s Parental love.  A Creator’s love.  Pride-in-His-masterpiece love.  An Owner’s love.  Sacrificial love.  You-don’t-deserve-it love.

It is love.  Rich, rich love.

Because He is love.

True Love.

How are you experiencing and growing in the richness of His love today?


(This post is a part of a series entitled Glorious Grace Fridays: On Fridays (all or some) I’ll be sharing what God’s laying on my heart through the Bible study Glorious Grace that I’m doing with the Hello Mornings ministry. I’m linking up right here at the HelloMornings blog.)


5 thoughts on “Rich Love

  1. First off – you description of the pie had me almost drooling over here :). What a wonderful expression of growing in the richness of God’s grace – I too long to savor it.

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