Bold in Christ

Come Boldly, Hearfelt Reflections, all rights reserved 2013

Come Boldly, Hearfelt Reflections, all rights reserved 2013

Eph 3:1-13

I recently signed up for a Twitter account (find me @HeartfeltByAli), and I had to come up with a few self-descriptors to put in my profile.  (…and for some reason that’s never an easy task for me!)  Really, there are probably a lot of ways to describe myself even though I often feel stumped when I’m trying to find one.  I’m faithful and studious, thoughtful and creative, serious yet humorous (and I love to laugh), and quirky (you may even catch me doing the robot to elevator music in public… can’t believe I just confessed that!).

But, I can also tell you several words that wouldn’t be on the list.  The word “bold” wouldn’t make it on there.

Sure, I can be bold at times.  I can put it on like armor.  Like clothes I don’t wear often because I don’t like the way they feel, I could drag it out of the back of the closet and dust off the shoulders, smooth out the wrinkles, and wear it when needed.  I can swallow hard and straighten my spine, and brave boldness.  But, it isn’t the first attribute that others see when they look at me.  It’s definitely not the first word I’d choose to describe myself.  Even though I’m not really comfortable with boldness, sometimes I long for it when I see its attractiveness in others.  Being bold can be so resourceful!  It seems to make things happen and it demands respect.

But, that’s not really me.

I think that’s why this verse really popped out at me this week in the Glorious Grace bible study I’m doing on the book of Ephesians with HelloMornings.

“Because of Christ and our faith in him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence.” (Eph 3:12, NLT)

Oh!  Now there’s something that doesn’t feel so foreign!  When I examine my lack of boldness in regards to most of my life, it’s in sharp contrast with the boldness I have in approaching God.


Because I come to God through Christ in faith.  In complete faith and in complete confidence.  I don’t have anything to fear.  When God looks at me, He sees me through eyes of love for His Son who lives within me.  He looks at me through eyes of love for His lovely created child.  And because I know He’s looking at me, listening to my cares and concerns, wanting to strengthen and help me, waiting to bless me with His very best, how could I approach Him timidly?  How could I come to the God who loves me so incredibly much that He sent His very own Son to be crucified for my sins with any attitude other than boldness?  So, I boldly, confidently rush into the arms of my God and Father!

From the Pulpit Commentary:

  • …”literally means “boldness” or “freedom of speech,” but is used here in a more ample sense for want of restraint, ease of feeling, comfortable self-possession, in our access to God. Contrast with Adam hiding himself among the trees of the garden…”
  • The “access,” or introduction (see Ephesians 2:18), is like that of the high priest into the holy of holies – we have boldness to enter into the holiest of all (Hebrews10:19).
  • In confidence through the faith of him. The confidence of being welcomed and accepted when we go into God’s presence springs from our faith in him. We believe in him as the Propitiation, as our Peace, as the Reconciler, and we go before God with confidence. (Emphases mine.)

And that kind of boldness does not have to be dusted off and put on.  It doesn’t have to be braved.  That kind of boldness comes only for my stance in Christ alone.

The very best part of all this is… we can all feel that way!  So, dear Christian, if you struggle with timidity in approaching the Creator, fear no more!  You have no reason to come nervously.  Come boldly!  He’s ready to fold you in His embrace, lift your head, look into your eyes, and whisper to you,

Because of Christ and your faith in him, you can now come boldly and confidently into my presence.

How has God reminded you to come to Him boldly?  Can you think of a time that coming boldly was hard?  How does this verse change your perspective?


(This post is a part of a series entitled Glorious Grace Fridays: On Fridays (all or some) I’ll be sharing what God’s laying on my heart through the Bible study Glorious Grace that I’m doing with the Hello Mornings ministry. Read why I can say “Hello, Morning!”, here.  I’m  linking up this post here at the HelloMornings blog. Also linking with here.)


7 thoughts on “Bold in Christ

    • I love it too, Katie! It’s really amazing and humbling that He’s given us the privilege of free access to Him through Jesus, isn’t it? And it’s my pleasure to share what He graciously teaches me. Blessings in Christ 🙂

  1. II Cor. 12:9 ‘He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weaknesses, that the power of Christ may rest on me.’
    v10(b) says: “…when I am weak, then am I strong.” (WEB)
    I am a firm believer that when we use His strength to bolster our weakness, we become stronger through Him. The MORE we do this, the STRONGER we become…like using any of our muscles, they grow stronger with constant use…

  2. I remember when i turned 30 i proclaimed at my birthday party that it would be the year of me being bolder. Well, i will be 35 in about 2 weeks and i have to confess that even 5 years later its not a word i could put in my twitter bio either but i can see some fruit that i am growing in it- especially those days when i’m walking in confidence in who i am in Christ and not absorbed with what others will think of me. It is indeed certain though, that i can indeed go before my Father with boldness! Thanks Ali

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