A Little Break…

If you’ve been following for a while, you know that we’re in the middle of a Bible study on the Book of Job…  Each Friday I’ve been posting thoughts and a little “homework”.

So this Friay, I missed.  This week has been full and at some point I realized that I couldn’t possibly get done all of the things on my to do list.  For a moment, I was frustrated.  Then a sense of peace ushered in along with the knowledge that it was time to choose.

Sometimes, I choose wrong.  But this week, I chose right.

So, my apologies if you were waiting for the next Job post.  It should be done by next Friday…. if life doesn’t get in the way.  And when “life gets in the way”, I know that’s just God’s way of reminding my that He makes the plans and lays the schedule.  He’s the one in control.  

And that’s such a good thing.

So… here’s to a little break this week.  How’s your week going?  Does God ever give you an opportunity to choose the most important thing?



4 thoughts on “A Little Break…

  1. God has been showing me lately that He does not need me. I realize how much He seeks my heart in the doing, not my mere efforts. Thanks for the post, even though you may have not set out to teach us, God still used it to do so 🙂 Have a restful weekend, Ali!

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