How to Study The Bible… Tips and Tools for Success

Studying the Bible is a joy and blessing for Christians.  In the United States, we Christians are especially blessed by ready access to the Word of God.  It’s easy to check a sermon, message, or even a popular viewpoint for Biblical accuracy by flipping through the pages in our Bibles, scrolling or searching through a Bible app on a phone or tablet,  or even by doing a quick web-search.   American Christians own an average of 3.6 Bibles, according to a LifeWay research poll.  However, according to that poll, most of those same Americans don’t read the Word daily.

In the next few posts, I’ll be sharing tips and tools for Bible study success.  The first and most important step is making the commitment to daily Bible reading.  Here’s an article I wrote for about the how’s and why’s of making and reaching that goal. In that post, I cover topics like Making the Commitment, Choosing a Plan, and Tracking and Accountability.  Here is an excerpt:

Of first importance is making the commitment to read daily. For successful follow through, the reward of your goal must be worth the effort involved. (Think Phil 3:14.) A lot of well-intended people desire to read the Bible daily, but without a definite goal in sight and a reward in mind, good intentions easily get pushed aside. What do you consider the rewards of your efforts? What will drive you forward when your schedule gets busy or life “gets in the way”? What measures can you put in place to enforce accountability?

I believe that we should both read the Bible and study it.  If you have already made the commitment to be in the Word daily, it’s much easier to study because you’re already immersed in Scripture.  So, crack open your Bibles and let’s talk about tips and tools for making Bible study an attainable goal.

When you study, your eyes will be opened to God’s glory.

Join me next time!





2 thoughts on “How to Study The Bible… Tips and Tools for Success

  1. Here are 2 motives to be in the Word:
    1. John 17:3 ….that they might know Thee the only true God and Jesus Christ, whom Though hast sent.
    2. Song of Solomon. Read this book and when the king is speaking it’s Jesus speaking…when the woman is speaking it’s the church. See how much they live each other. Do you love Jesus enough to read His love letter every day? He thinks of you all day every day. How often do you think of Him?

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