Why to Study the Bible


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“How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” (Psa 119:103, NASB)

The Why’s of Bible Study

Why should Christians invest time in studying God’s Word? As we head into a few future posts with some practical how-to’s of Bible study, I’d like to first share a few reasons why I believe Christians should devote themselves to the reading and studying of the Holy Scriptures.  There are so many excellent reasons for digging deep that I know my little list is incomplete!  I just pray this post will encourage, motivate, or confirm to you to that being consistently in the Word is a fruitful blessing and privilege.

My testimony regarding being in the Word:

I’ve been a Christian essentially all my life and I’ve read and studied God’s word fairly well over the years.  But, it wasn’t until the last several years when I made a consistent, daily effort to begin my day by focusing first and foremost on my beloved Savior and spending time intently studying the Bible that I started to see changes and major growth in my faith.

What I felt was already strong strengthened more. It grew, the roots deepened, and my relationship with the Lord became even more personal and much sweeter.  I learned more intensely and tangibly of God’s grace, of His steadfast love and faithfulness to me, and of His holiness and character. During some very hard seasons, I was much more prepared and grounded. My deeper faith and tighter bond to Jesus enabled me to stand strong and be restored. (1 Pet 5:10)  All of this is why I urge other women to seek God and His Word with a focused heart. The experience is sweetly life changing!

Here are a few of my why’s of Bible study (in no particular order):

  • Study to fulfill the Great Commission.  Jesus has told us to go and teach, but we can’t teach without knowing. (Matt 28:19)
  • We are all involved in the ministry of reconciliation—that is reconciling others to our loving God.  Again, without knowing who God is or what this reconciliation means, we can’t do our job.  (2 Cor 5:18)
  • We can study to see God’s eternal hand throughout history.  This builds faith and trust on the basis that we know Him better and believe in His ability and capability to handle our lives.  He has handled creation and can handle every aspect of our lives. (John 8:58, Psa 8:3,4)
  • We study to arm ourselves against Satan.  God’s Word is the sword of the spirit and is our only defensive weapon against attack. (Eph 6:17)
  • Studying brings personal encouragement.  Encouragement can come through a variety of avenues.  One is identifying with people in the Bible who have lived through situations or events similar to our own and seeing God’s faithfulness there.  Another is avenue of encouragement is learning more about God’s character and His love for us.  (Heb 11: and 12:1, Psa 145:8,9)
  • Knowledge brings us hope. We are able to have a confident hope in God, His word, and His promises. This hope is continually built upon as we learn more of Him. (Psa 119:114, 2 Cor 4:17, Rom 15:13)
  • Knowing Scripture helps us encourage others.  When those around us are discouraged, we can build them up with using knowledge of God’s Word and loving character. (1 Thess 5:11)
  • Bible study prepares us for future trials. Our heart knowledge is often strengthened and broadened through head knowledge.  When the time comes, we’ll have more to fall back on when we need it most. (Psa 119:50)
  • Learning the Bible centers our worldview.  We learn to look at life around us through enlightened eyes of truth.  We learn to measure all we see and hear around us by God’s Word rather than by human understanding.  (Psa 119:105, Prov 3:5, 1 John 5:4)
  • God’s Word teaches us right from wrong.  We learn of sin, sinfulness, and the sinless One. (Psa 119:11)
  • We learn to not be deceived or conformed. It is easy to believe lies when we don’t know the truth.  It’s easy to conform to the world around us when we don’t have an unmovable foundation. When we know, we can do. (James 1:22, Rom 12:2)
  • We study for joy.  Being in the Bible can lift our spirits.  We can read praises or of reasons to praise, and we can see God’s blessings more clearly. (Psa 119:103)
  • We study to gain understanding.  Again, that head knowledge can lead to heart changes.  We can learn about all God did for us in sending Jesus.  Love changes our hearts! As we understand all that was accomplished in the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus we can’t help but to love Him more. (Psa 119:104, Heb 10:12,1 John 4:9,10 )
  • We read to be cleansed.  As we examine our own lives in light of God’s Word, we see our sinfulness, confess it, and are cleansed.  Spiritual growth is the result. (Eph 6:26, 1 John 1:8)

I’ve included a printable list for you!  Here’s the link:  Why’s of Bible study printable


What are your reasons for studying the Bible?  What encourages you to continue digging into God’s Word?

I pray your time spent with God over the pages of His Word will be blessed immensey!


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6 thoughts on “Why to Study the Bible

  1. Oh this is SO good! Thank you for not only studying His Word but then sharing with us these why’s! Looking at this list , how could anyone not seek Him and read their Bibles? :). God bless you richly and fill you up!

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