Simple Obedience

“If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” (John 14:15, ESV)

“Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.” (Psa 119:2, KJV)

I’ve been thinking a lot about obedience these past few days. God has blessed a friend through my obedience, and another friend has blessed me (and many others) through her obedience.

And this has me thinking.

I’ve been knitting and tatting a lot lately to get prepared for Christmas. (If you don’t know much about tatting, it’s just lacework using a handheld shuttle.) So, these crafts have been on my mind. And over the course of time I kept having a feeling like I should write a guest post on tatting for a friend who has this great craft blog for mothers and daughters. 

I’m rather introverted and so I felt very shy about asking her if she needed a guest post. I felt like even the act of asking was an imposition. It’s humbling somehow being on the asking end. But, it was a feeling I couldn’t shake. I felt prompted by the Holy Spirit. So, I asked her.

Her reply? “Yes, please!”

It turns out that God used my obedience to bless her. She was headed out of the country and needed posts to keep her blog going while she was gone. While I was timid to ask, God was not timid in blessing. Had I not offered, He could not have blessed her through me.

Simple obedience brings blessing.

And just a few days ago, another friend and co-worker in the Hello Mornings ministry came up with the idea to share an optional Thanksgiving based Bible reading plan during our ministry break. So, rather than having to come up with our own Bible reading goals over our down time, we can be united, read together and share perspectives.

Women will be encouraged to stay in the word because of my friend’s thoughtfulness and foresight! Countless women will be blessed by time in their Bibles spent with God.  All because she obeyed the nudge of the Holy spirit.

…All because of her simple obedience.

Now, I have to admit, I could also sit and share with you the many times I have not been obedient… even in the simple ways. Unfortunately, I don’t always answer or obey the prompts of the Holy Spirit – on the large or small scale. I can only imagine the powerful testimony of one’s life that does!  But, this is something I can aim for… to continue to attempt to say, “Here I am, Lord”, and “Yes, Lord.”

See, I’ve learned that even the most simple form of obedience:

  • Is driven by faith
  • Blesses God by glorifying Him
  • Blesses others in a multitude of physical and material ways
  • Blesses others spiritually by allowing them to see God’s active hand
  • Blesses the obedient one by keeping her within God’s will

Like I wrote about the Faith of Noah, “As Believers, we not only live eternally because of our faith, but we also should live with the daily exercising of our faith.”

Daily, faithful obedience. Even if it’s just laundry, changing diapers, making dinner, calling the sick friend, caring for aged parents.

So, what about you? Can you testify to having seen how your obedience has been a blessing? Likewise, have you learned from the times you failed to obey? What is God showing you?


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