On Waiting, Thinking, and Other Stuff

I never meant to let my blog get dusty. I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve posted, but it’s been a while…
I’ve been in a season of serving the Lord in various ways, praying and thinking through new opportunities, and waiting for His answer.

Have you been there?

It seems like God has me here often. Praying. Waiting. Seeking His will.

When children grow, mostly they grow up. But with my spiritual growth I sometimes feel like I’m growing in a spiral… round and round, revisiting places I know I’ve been before. Ever felt that way? I want an audible voice that tells me exactly what to do. Instead I usually get a gentle nudge, Bible verses brought to mind, a feeling of joy or even apprehension…

So what this time?

I’ve been given the opportunity to help an online friend and serve further in a ministry that I love. Yay!

But, at the same time, I also know that taking on something new like that requires prayer. Without knowing I have God’s approval and leading I know taking on something new would only end one way. Burnout. And I don’t want that! (Amen?!) So I prayed. And waited.

And, as always, God faithfully answered.

Waiting? Seeking God's will? Me, too! Read more at www.heartfeltreflections.wordpress.com

God knows exactly what He has planned for us. If you’re waiting, I encourage you to pray, think, and wait. He is ever faithful and will answer you, too! In my case, His answer gave me the go-ahead. But other times, His answer may have been a yes, no, or not now. But He will respond, I can guarantee! And His response will always be in your best interest. His plans for you are for a hope and a future.

And while you’re waiting and praying, read His Word (your Bible). The answer from the Living Word may be found on the pages of His Written Word. His answer will never contradict the Scriptures. If you’re unsure if your answer is from God, this is a great way to check… if it contradicts the Bible, it’s not His voice.

So, what do you do when you’re waiting for God’s answer or leading? Have you asked God for something specifically, lately? How did he respond?



2 thoughts on “On Waiting, Thinking, and Other Stuff

  1. I appreciate your blog post. Yes our God is HUGE and He loves us in a huge way. He is all encompassing and wants to make His will known. I like that you pointed your readers to the Word. God bless you.


    • Marilyn, thanks for stopping by! I fully agree that He wants us to seek and know His will– how else could we faithfully follow, right? Thanks so much for your encouragement. Blessings in Christ!

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