Fall Update…

The past several months have been a busy, happy, and very blessed whirlwind.

So things have certainly been quiet around here… but that doesn’t mean things have been quiet. Know what I mean?

First of all, our oldest daughter got married in September. Yay! It was a beautiful event and our family is blessed to have a wonderful man join our bunch. I think it’s an amazing thing to see families blend together by the vows of a bride and groom. God is good!

On the writing front, I’ve been busy leading the project visions for the HelloMornings Bible studies — and also writing material in said studies. It’s exciting, humbling, and amazing… If you’re looking for a Bible study (for personal or small group use), let me encourage you to hop over and check these out. [The current HelloMornings challenge is doing a study called “But We See Jesus, Part 2”— a study of the second half of the Book of Hebrews. If you’re interested in the opportunity to win a copy of this study, please go to the Heartfelt Reflections Facebook page and look for the giveaway. Winners will be announced Friday evening, 14th October.] 

And over at DoNotDepart we’ve been writing about some great topics lately. (But don’t we always?!) This month, the focus is on Why Sound Theology Matters for Every Woman.

Here’s an excerpt from my latest post there, titled Sound Theology Helps us Know God Wellwhere I dive into what it means to know God well, and how that can be done:

“What was in the beginning before God created the heaven and earth?” My oldest daughter often asked me big questions when she was a very little girl. “Nothing was made before anything was made,” I answered. “Mmmm. . .  you’re not understanding my question,” she responded, with a look of frustration on her face.

My daughter, then about four years old, was a budding theologian with big questions about God’s nature and capabilites. She couldn’t always word the questions well enough to explain just exactly what she was asking, but the point most clear was this: she wanted to know God well.

People wonder about God. And that’s a great thing when it puts us on the right path to getting our questions answered. When reflecting on God is met with Biblical study, sound theology is born. 

It’s only a sound theology that helps to answer our questions accurately. It’s our basic theology that confirms in us who God is, what He’s capable of, what His character is, and who we are in Him. This information and these beliefs shade our whole life a different color than life outside of knowledge of Him.

Read the full post here: http://donotdepart.com/theology-helps-us-know-god-well

And though God’s ways are unsearchable (Psalm 145:3), there are things we can do to get to know Him better. Like with any relationship it just takes discipline and effort on our end. He’s always there, ready to reach out to us!

Well… now you’re a bit caught up with me and my world. I’ve been busy, and God has certainly been busy working on (and in) me.

What’s God been doing in your life lately?



3 thoughts on “Fall Update…

  1. Ali, I would love to gift this to someone in my group! God has been asking me to be faithful in the small things He puts before me and to trust Him with my questions. Even in the unknowns, He has brought me peace and assurance.

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