Fall Update and New Bible Study in Print!

Hello friends!

I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing here, but I’ve been writing busily with my other teammates over at DoNotDepart and HelloMornings. I miss my little home here on wordpress and so I thought I’d pop on to give a quick update and tell you about some exciting new projects I’ve been working on and some exciting things happening in life!

What’s Happening?

Our family has expanded! My husband and I are proud new grandparents and we are so in love with our little guy. Welcoming our first grand baby into the world has been a truly blessed experience. Snuggling a newborn is my current favorite pastime!

And What am I Writing About?

At DoNotDepart we’re currently writing and posting a Bible study based on Deuteronomy 30:11-20. You can check out that free online study here. Our goal at DoNotDepart is to provide women with quality tools and encouragement to abide in God’s word. The free Bible study I just mentioned is only one of many ways we do that. We’ve got lots of free studies on our site, plus tons of other encouraging posts, tips, and resources. Make sure you check us out if you haven’t.

As most of you know, I’m also the Bible study director for the HelloMornings.org ministry. I love what I do there! It’s exciting and fun work, coming up with ideas for Bible studies and helping to direct the process. It’s an amazing thing to see a Bible study start from an idea and end up as a paperback book-in-hand, or as a PDF on my Kindle. It’s also a blessing to work with so many godly women who long to serve and glorify the Lord. Our goal is to reach other women and encourage and inspire them. After all, we all need a little (or a lot – talking to myself here, too!) encouragement some days.

If you aren’t familiar with the HelloMornings ministry, make sure you check us out here.

Are You Building Your Morning Routine with the Lord?

And if you’re longing to build your morning quiet time with the Lord and develop a life-giving (instead of life-draining) morning routine, you might consider joining an accountability group where you’ll find grace-filled encouragement with like-minded women. The next session runs from November 13th through December 22nd and registration starts this Monday, November 6th! Just head HERE and scroll down to see how to get involved in a HelloMornings group.

Since the session runs through both Thanksgiving and Christmas, the Bible study we’ll be using is a Thanksgiving and Advent mash-up. (Well, that was an unexpected word to use!) But that’s what it is… one book that will take us through both seasons– preparing our hearts and minds to focus on our Sweet Savior! And a little “inside scoop” for you– we wrote this study back in June. All that focusing on Christmas half way through the year was really special. It sorta feels like I got an extra Christmas season this year! What a blessing!

Here’s the book if you’d like to take a look:

Greatly to be Praised - A Thanksgiving and Advent study from HelloMornings.org See also HeartfeltReflections.wordpress.com for more info

Greatly to be Praised is a six-week study that uses various Psalms to walk you through the seasons of Thanksgiving and Advent.

The first two weeks focus on praise and thanksgiving.

The third is a transition week that focuses on God’s nature and our need for Jesus, and the last three weeks focus on Messianic Psalms to prepare your heart for Advent and Christmas.

And here’s the link to all the versions available:

And if you haven’t gone to my Facebook page, make sure you visit and like. Then, be on the lookout– I’ll be hosting a giveaway of Greatly to be Praised soon!

So, there’s my little update. Sometimes I have to step back and pretend I’m on the outside looking in to really see what all God has been doing in my life. It helps me to look carefully so I can better recount His deeds– the big and the small (because truly nothing God does is ever really “small,” is it?!)

Do you stop and look closely, too? What’s God been doing lately in your life?

Click to tweet: A Thanksgiving and Advent Bible study all in one? Yes, please! @HeartfeltByAli Blessings to you and yours,

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