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Bold in Christ

Eph 3:1-13 I recently signed up for a Twitter account (find me @HeartfeltByAli), and I had to come up with a few self-descriptors to put in my profile.  (…and for some reason that’s never an easy task for me!)  Really, there are probably a lot of ways to describe myself even though I often feel … Continue reading

His Awesome Power

As Believers, we know God is powerful. We’re aware of His ability to do absolutely anything for His glory and our eternal good. Lately, I’ve been dwelling on God’s unsearchable might. This week, in my Glorious Grace study with the Hello Mornings ministry, I’ve been focusing on Eph 1:15-23. A theme continues to jump out … Continue reading

Learning More… of Faith and Hope

Don’t you love how God sometimes teaches you things by showing it to you again and again in His Word?  God has been teaching me more about faith and hope and their connectedness.  Today, I had one of those “aha” moments– a thing I’ve known for years suddenly took on a new, deeper meaning.  It … Continue reading