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Psalm 27 Memory Challenge

Psalm 27 Memory Challenge

I just wanted to take a quick minute and share a Bible memory challenge with you! Lisa (my fellow team writer) over at DoNotDepart.com has put together another memory challenge! If you’re interested in Hiding His Word in your heart, you can check out how to register for the challenge HERE.  Registration begins Monday, Nov … Continue reading

Love’s in Charge {Learning from Job, post 2}

Love’s in Charge {Learning from Job, post 2}

Last week I introduced a series of posts I’ll be writing on lessons learned from the book of Job.  As I mentioned last week, God brought me to this book again(!) and is encouraging me to learn.  …Burning dross and fostering growth…  …Teaching me to see past my struggles to the greater lessons behind them.  … Continue reading

New Clothes

Eph 4:17-32 I need new clothes!  Well not for me, but for my youngest daughter.  She’s grown and her fall clothes from last year are much too small.  The sleeves don’t reach her wrists and the pant legs are far above her ankles.  Her old clothes aren’t even comfortable anymore.  As one growing and maturing, … Continue reading

Bold in Christ

Eph 3:1-13 I recently signed up for a Twitter account (find me @HeartfeltByAli), and I had to come up with a few self-descriptors to put in my profile.  (…and for some reason that’s never an easy task for me!)  Really, there are probably a lot of ways to describe myself even though I often feel … Continue reading

His Awesome Power

As Believers, we know God is powerful. We’re aware of His ability to do absolutely anything for His glory and our eternal good. Lately, I’ve been dwelling on God’s unsearchable might. This week, in my Glorious Grace study with the Hello Mornings ministry, I’ve been focusing on Eph 1:15-23. A theme continues to jump out … Continue reading

Are you Hungry?

I’m hungry… I hunger for Christ.  It’s His presence alone that truly fills my soul.  This is why I seek time alone with Him each morning.  Time spent reading and studying His word… time spent in prayer seeking His fellowship, His will, His aid, and His intervention in my life and the lives of loved ones. … Continue reading

What’s in a foot (injury)?

I recently hurt my foot.  It was my Achilles tendon to be exact.  As I was trying to hold the screen door open while bending over and maneuvering my daughter’s bicycle outside, I somehow drug the bottom corner edge of the screen door across the Achilles of my outstretched leg.  It left a two-inch, deep … Continue reading

Being Fed

It seems that we have an unwelcome Christmas tradition in our family.  Someone gets sick on Christmas.  Usually, it’s my oldest.  This year, we waited with much anticipation and breath holding.  As Christmas loomed closer, we thought we were off the hook.  But then, just because it’s tradition I guess, my littlest came down with … Continue reading