The Christmas Star from Afar…A Fun New Tradition

{Note:  I received a free Star from Afar set in exchange for writing an honest review on my blog.}

star-from-afar-reviewWhen I was a little girl, my parents played fun games with us at Christmas that focused on the true meaning of Christmas in a playful, joy-filled way. (Here’s one we always played.)

They wanted us to know something serious:  the true meaning of Christmas was the fact that Jesus came into our world as a sweet baby in order grow into manhood and give his life for us on the cross.

Yet, they also wanted us to have a lot of fun celebrating that fact, all while making great memories together over the years.

Maybe that’s why I love looking for games and activities that handle that balance well… The balance between tons of fun and real meaning.

I was so excited when I found out about The Christmas Star from Afar— it looked just like something that my family would be interested in: a fun activity with a great message!

What is The Christmas Star from Afar?

Natalie Ard, Star from Afar creator and designer, was on a quest to find a fun activity for her children that would last throughout the Christmas season and remind them daily about Christ’s birth. This quest led her to develop a sweet book and nativity set that also functions as a sort of hide-and-seek a game for kiddos. Natalie says, “Once they have found their Star they move all Three Wise Men to its location. On Christmas morning the Three Wise Men reach their final destination when the Star is found at the stable with the newborn baby Jesus.”

In her words, “This Christmas activity has given me a chance to show my children that Christmas is not about the presents they receive, or Santa, or snowmen. Christmas is about the greatest gift of all—the birth of our Lord Jesus.”

5 Reason Why I love Star from Afar:

  1. I love that the book and nativity set is all of quality construction and materials. It’s made to last!
  2. The game is very easy to understand, use, and set up. The nativity is made of four wooden pieces that are super simple to fit together.
  3. Everything comes in a nice, sturdy, magnet-snap-closure box — perfect for keeping the set in while waiting for Christmas each year!
  4. It’s all very user-friendly. I love it that the game consists of a very simple process: Mom and Dad more the star each night and kids hunt it each morning. Once the wise men are moved near the star, that’s it. Sometimes the sweetest Christmas traditions are the simplest for Mom and Dad.
  5. I also love it that my daughter loved it! I have three girls… one grown and married, one in high school, and one who is eight years old. My youngest daughter thought this looked so fun! She’s excited about getting to use it this Christmas. Even my middle daughter thought the Star from Afar was adorable and plans to help her little sister hunt for the star each morning during Advent.

In short— we’re all excited about our Star from Afar and we can’t wait to use it! I’m so thankful that God gave Natalie the idea for it and that she’s shared the idea with the world. And though it may seem like Christmas is a long way away, the truth is, Thanksgiving is approaching quickly which means Advent is just around the corner. I’ve learned over the years that if I don’t start planning early, then I’m unprepared when Advent

Visit her website here for more information:

You can also check out her Star From Afar Facebook page.

**It’s my opinion that the Christmas Star from Afar would make a wonderful gift! You may consider buying it for family or friends to use during Advent. (I plan to buy for extended family.)

What favorite traditions do you have during Advent or at Christmastime? Do you plan to add any new ones this year?



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