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The Importance of Being Still – part 2

The Importance of Being Still – part 2

Last week, I wrote about the importance of being still before God. How, in stillness, we can know Him better and hear his voice above the noisy world in which we live. I even did a quick word study about the root of the Hebrew word harpu mentioned in Psalm 46:10, for you other “word-nerds” … Continue reading

Bible Study, Journaling, and Meditation

{We’ve approached the last post in this series on How to Study the Bible. This post will focus on ways to help what you’re learning stick with you.} All of the time spent studying the Bible could be wasted if it doesn’t draw us closer to God, grow our faith, and change our hearts. James … Continue reading

Starting an Inductive Bible Study Session

Starting an Inductive Bible Study Session

Studying the Bible doesn’t have to be a complicated process reserved only for highly educated theologians. Every Believer can study the Bible deeply and have a rich, rewarding experience. God wants us to know Him and He wants to be made known. One avenue of His revelation to mankind is through His Word. Because He … Continue reading

I am so excited to share my friend Courtney Cohen’s new book with the world! Her message is all about finding out who you really are, who God is, and who you are *in Christ* and how that knowledge is absolutely life changing! Check out “Refining Identity”– a book with an interactive format– reads like … Continue reading

Why I can say… Hello Morning!

“Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” (Psa 90:14, ESV) ******** Almost a year ago, the Lord led me to Hello Mornings. I was introduced to the Hello Mornings Challenge through a dear friend and fell in love with the concept immediately.  I … Continue reading

Learning More… of Faith and Hope

Don’t you love how God sometimes teaches you things by showing it to you again and again in His Word?  God has been teaching me more about faith and hope and their connectedness.  Today, I had one of those “aha” moments– a thing I’ve known for years suddenly took on a new, deeper meaning.  It … Continue reading