Learning from Job

photo by Heartfelt Reflections, all rights reserved

photo by Heartfelt Reflections, all rights reserved

{This is the introduction to a series of posts I’ll be doing on lessons learned from the book of Job.  The posts, thoughts, and gathered research have all materialized out of my personal quiet times with God and morning Bible studies.}

God has led me to this book again.  I was just here a few months ago, and here I am again.  A clear sign that I’m supposed to be learning from Job.

When I was here a few months ago I was studying alongside my HelloMornings community.  Together we went through Job’s story in a Bible study entitled Abounding Hope.  I gathered and gleaned.  But, somewhere along the way, I forgot.

God has given me every opportunity to be farther along than where I am.  (Can anyone identify with that?) He’s prepared me for things ahead… and when those “things ahead” have arrived and are all around me, sometimes I find that I’ve forgotten that I was ever trained for this.  At times, I try to pick up the shield of faith and find it heavy and unfamiliar, or I try to wield the sword of the spirit and instead find myself gazing at it in my hand like I haven’t even seen it before.  Embarrassing, but true.  (The armor of God.)

The past few months, I’ve had my Job-like struggles.  Okay, I’m being too dramatic… I have faced nothing of Job-like proportions.  But instead, I have faced struggles and frustrations that have shot at me from various unexpected angles and they’ve really challenged my faith to grow and mature.  It’s all part of the refining process by the Master Refiner…  and the burning off of dross is never comfortable.

So, I shouldn’t at all be surprised that I’m here in Job again.  Because I’ve been here before, and apparently, I didn’t quite get it.  And I’m not suggesting that I’ll ever get it, completely… Whether it’s the book of Job, or the entire Good Book.  I love to study His Word and dig deep, but what I really want is for God’s Word to change my heart and make me Christlike.   I want to get the message God wants me to get.  And then share with you a message that points to Him and encourages you where you are.  Because we’re all here journeying together on this road to sanctification.  And I’m thankful for the company.

So, I slowed down this time through Job and spent more time researching, journaling, praying, and reflecting my way through it.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll share what I’ve been learning.

Does God often bring you back to the same book or passage to help you “get it”?  Has he been preparing you for something or refining you?


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4 thoughts on “Learning from Job

  1. Yes! Absolutely! He cycles me back to passages I’ve studied deeply and I find new truths (plus refresh old ones.) This fact always makes me think of Hebrews 4:12 and how His Word is alive! And yes, lots of refining and preparing going on here right now (gulp.)

  2. I teach Sunday school and we just finished the book of Job last month. I learned so much and was so blessed by it and of course, the same thing will happen when i study it yet again! 🙂

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